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Baccarat scoreboards, formerly written in the ruled line by handwriting, is now introducing the electronic scoreboards system in most casinos. Computer processing became possible, it became possible to display complicated information such as Chinese Road, and the way of enjoying baccarat was renewed.
The Baccarat Engine provides a world-standard layout, unique rich information display and powerful networking capabilities, and the high quality of "Made in Japan", the new Baccarat appeal that has never been before.

High definition display / Global standard display layout

It is a standard display image of Baccarat Engine. In addition to the normal appearance chart [ScoreBoards / Big Road(Dairo)], pair display and Chinese rule (special ruled line) Big Eye Road(Dai Gan Chai), Small Road(Shuro), Cockroach Road(Catchallo) , Bead Road(Chu Chairo), the total number of games, a guide on what will happen to the next Chinese rule, etc. are displayed.
Unlike the conventional electronic scoreboards system, with dedicated software developed, beautiful display with high definition graphic width of 1,280 x 768 dots has been realized.

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Various optional functions

Baccarat Engine has various optional functions.
Customization according to your request is also possible.

  • Display ties one by one (refer to the figure on the right)
  • Pair compatible
  • Banker Special 6 rule
  • Hide Chinese rule
  • Display table rate
  • Banner
  • Display function of event names and convention names
  • Time limit function (remaining game countdown function)
  • Change the colors of Players and Bankers
  • Archive function (function to display past entry list)

  • Point display function

  • Banker Special 6

Image of using Baccarat Engine

Configuration plan


Item Price (Tax included)
Baccarat Engine basic package Baccarat Engine
Baccarat Engine basic license
22" High definition monitor
Monitor stand
Send back maintenance service


  • Options
Item Price (Tax included)
Change rows and columns Change number of rows and columns 300USD
Banner Movie GIF compatible 300USD
Play movie during shuffle - 500USD

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